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Network Player

Ultimate digital convenience and quality. Built on our multi award-winning StreamMagic streaming platform, it gives you seamless access to your complete digital library, Spotify Connect and internet radio and then plays it all back exactly as it was originally made to be heard thanks to our own upsampling technology.


Almost 50 years of hi-fi expertise goes into every single one of our products to ensure they sound spot on - the CXN is no different hence why it’s the best sounding streamer around.

Your music will be passed through our unique ATF2 upsampling technology (read more on this wizardry here) and then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs (very premium digital to analogue converters).

Essentially all signals are upscaled to a hi-res 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation. Every song has even more acute detail and warm depth, so you’ll be able to enjoy musical nuances that you’ve never heard before in songs that you’ve heard a thousand times.

Our engineers also spent hours tuning the CXN the old school way, by ear, which we believe is the only way to achieve a sound quality that genuinely moves you.

Connect Anything

We wanted to design a product that allows you to play any song in the world from any device.

It’s a long list, but it basically means the CXN will play anything you want and thanks to its huge processing power and slick functionality from our award winning StreamMagic platform, it doesn’t make a fuss of it or skip a single beat, it just plays your music instantly.

We’ve included; Spotify Connect, Airplay, Internet Radio, NAS Drive/ UPnP compatibility, asynchronous USB, Coax and TOSLINK digital inputs, DSD64 support and AptX Bluetooth (with added BT100 receiver).

Complete control

There’s a lovely big colour screen on the front so you can always see the album artwork and commands that you’re sending to the unit. To make control as seamless as possible, we’ve built our own app – Cambridge Connect.

Whether it’s flicking through albums, building playlists or setting presets, the app allows simple and intuitive browsing of all the connected sources from the comfort of your chair.

We’ve completely removed any obstructions or complicated menus between you and your favourite music, leaving the CXN simply as a catalyst to an incredible listening experience.

Tech Specs

Dual Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DACs

Digital filter

2nd Generation ATF2 up-sampling to 24-bit/384kHz

Analogue filter

2-Pole Dual Differential Bessel

USB Audio Input

USB Type B conforms to USB Audio profile 1.0 or 2.0 (user selectable)

Digital audio inputs

S/PDIF Coaxial and TOSLINK Optical

Analogue audio outputs

Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analogue

Digital audio outputs

S/PDIF Coaxial and TOSLINK Optical


UPnP, Local USB media, USB audio 1.0 and 2.0, S/PDIF Toslink and Coaxial, Airplay, BT100 Bluetooth receiver (not supplied), Internet radio, Spotify Connect

Audio formats


Max power consumption


Standby power consumption


Dimensions (H x W x D)

Maximum including sockets and controls: 85 x 430 x 305mm (3.4 x 16.9 x 12.2")


3.5Kg (7.7lbs)

* Maximum including sockets and controls

What Hi-Fi?

GB, October 2016

"A stylish, feature-packed streamer that sounds great and is a joy to use."


CZ, February 2016

"Klasické CD přehrávače už pomalu ztrácejí své výsadní postavení hlavního distributora hudební produkce v domácím poslechovém řetězci a o trůn se začínají stále častěji dělit se síťovými playery. Společnost Cambridge Audio jeden takový nabízí a podle všeho svou práci zastane více než dobře."


GB, February 2016

'Cambridge make some of the finest music systems around, and the CXN network is a fine addition to that lineage. It has a gloriously slim, floating design that's simply beautiful; and the sound quality, if anything surpasses that.'

Computer Shopper

GB, February 2016

'The CXN is a gorgeously designed hi-fi audio streamer with all the wired and wireless connections you need to play digital music from any device.'

Hi Fi World

GB, January 2016

"One of the best streamers I've yet come across."

What Hi-Fi

GB, June 2015

"There’s an enthusiastic drive to the performance, combining subtlety, snappy timing and rich detail to deliver a sound that’s just wonderfully entertaining."

Hi-Fi Choice

GB, June 2015

"By any standards, this is an impressive network audio component, going far beyond the 'buy a streaming platform off the shelf, add on a DAC and stick it in a nice box' approach of some similar products in the past. Putting in the design time has paid dividends for Cambridge, and if the rest of the CX range approaches this high standard, it could just be something rather special."

Trusted Reviews

GB, June 2015

"With style in abundance, intuitive operation and entrancing sound quality, the CXN deserves a place at the top of your streamer shopping list!"


AU, June 2015

"It’s clear that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the Cambridge CXN. The functionality, design and ease of use are the best we’ve seen at this price, and the engaging, punchy sound is sure to win people over. Those in the market for a streamer should really give this one a listen – and be prepared to put it at the top of their wishlist."


DE, June 2015

"Der Cambridge CXN definiert was man von einem Netzwerkspieler fur erwarten darf. Klänglicht kan er momentan kein vergleichbar teurer Player das Wasser reichen -umso erfreulicher dass sein Wandler dank zahlreicher zusätslicher Eingange nicht nur via Streaming benutzbar ist.."

HD Fever

FR, June 2015

"le CX N offre vraiment une superbe musicalité, une écoute très séduisante, douce, aérée, riche en détail, fluide, très agréable."

Salon Hi-Fi

RU, July 2015

"CXN обладает очень важным и ценным свойством: он подчёркивает, как бы усиливает эмоциональную суть музыки."


GB, July 2015

"What's immediately apparent is that the designers' intention to give the new products a sound with better bass and more rhythmic drive has been realised well here: the two components, whether separately or used together, have a sound that's bright, fresh and informative without ever becoming brash or hard-edged, and yet that is underpinned with a wonderfully well-extended and fluid bass."

Audio Vidéo HD

FR, August 2015

"Cambridge Audio avait à coeur de marquer les esprits avec la nouvelle et ambitieuse gamme CX. Le verdict est sans appel, au regard des excellentes performances de l'ensemble en matière de musicalité, l'objectif est atteint de très belle manière."

Culture HD

FR, August 2015

"Le CXN est donc une évolution et un affinement du Stream Magic dont il garde l’avancée technique mais avec quelques petits ajustements informatiques fortement bénéfiques sur le plan musical."

Le Blog de Son-Vidéo

FR, August 2015

"Des timbres plus justes, un bas médium mieux exploré, une latéralisation supérieure, du peps à revendre, la nouvelle gamme Cambridge CX vaut le détour."

Swiss Home Electronics Magazin

CH, September 2015

"Cambridge Audio setzt neue Akzente mit der CX Serie!"

AV Report.RU

RU, December 2015

"Сетевой проигрыватель Cambridge CXN – это новый взгляд на воспроизведение всей цифровой музыки, которая может оказаться у современного ценителя музыки. Отточенные за несколько лет технологии стриминга инженеры компании Cambridge облекли в новую оболочку, добавили функций и выпустили продукт, который не зря назвали «жемчужиной линейки». Он действительно обеспечивает новый уровень комфорта управления и качества звучания в своей категории."

Audio Video

RU, December 2015

"Впечатляющая музыкальность. Солидный и вместе с тем привлекательный дизайн. Удобное управление."


GB, December 2015

"It’s a gorgeously designed hi-fi separate with all the wired and wireless connections you’d need to stream digital music from any device, including high-resolution FLAC files."

Diapason d'Or

GB, October 2016

On est impressionné par la dimension « analogique » de la restitution qui semble exclure toute dureté désagréable, sans que l'énergie et la rapidité en pâtissent.