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200W AV Receiver

The most powerful home cinema amplifier we’ve ever made. Just like the CXR120, the CXR200 is an audiophile’s hi-fi, a movie buff’s AVR, and a music lover’s digital streamer in a box, but it has twice the power and added zone 2 functionality. It delivers a huge home cinema presence to the largest of rooms or even 2.


We created the CXRs with the same premise as any of our other hi-fi products - with amazing sound at the core of their design. Through class AB amplification the CXR200 delivers extremely low noise and distortion levels and is rated at 200 Watts in stereo mode or 120 Watts with all seven channels driven. The power supply is via a low flux audiophile-grade toroidal transformer with a substantially extruded heat sink; the result is that the CXR200 delivers smooth seamless sound with incredible precision. You no longer need two separate systems for your music and movies, the 200 will bring power and energy to anything you put through it.


Complementing the audio prowess, its visual performance is second to none. HDMI connections are 2.0 rated (apart from the MHL inputs which are 1.4), and support 4K and 3D standards, and the CXR200 will upscale all 1080p signals to 4K ultra high definition. With Deep Colour support too, the perfect picture is guaranteed with vivid colours and lifelike detail.


We know that people store their music in various different places and in a countless number of formats, and we also know that people use lots of different streaming services so they can listen to any track in the world. To keep everyone happy we’ve incorporated our complete StreamMagic streaming platform which brings with it NAS drive and UPnP playback, Spotify Connect, thousands of Internet Radio stations, and the ability to play just about any file from basic MP3s to 24-bit/192kHz hi-res files, either wired, from USB hard drives, or via Wi-Fi, all with fantastic depth and quality.

The free Cambridge Connect App for iOS and Android devices brings the whole experience to life. Whether it’s flicking through album artwork, building playlists or setting presets, the app allows intuitive browsing and navigation of all your music. The App can also control power on/off, source selection and volume of the CXR200.


Whatever format your entertainment takes, the CXR200 can connect with it beautifully. The eight HDMI input sockets cater for all your visual feeds and two of them support MHL, one on the front and on the back, making it simple to watch phone content on your big screen. Other front ports of the CXR include USB and MP3 aux-in, so if it’s on a portable device you can still enjoy it through the 200.

Further digital inputs include two co-axial digital sockets and four optical ports. Add a BT100 Bluetooth receiver and it will pair with any compatible device, allowing playback in superb quality thanks to aptX technology. Analogue options are well catered for too: four line level inputs, one recording output, and 7.1 multi-channel direct inputs. There’s even support for Direct Stream Digital (DSD), allowing you to play back Super Audio CDs from your universal player. It’s a long list but basically you can enjoy anything!.


The CXR200 has two HDMI outputs. These can be used to run two displays at the same time; ideal if you have a screen in a second room, or want to use a projector for movies but a TV screen for day to day use. The CXR200 can also run an independent Zone 2 where the 2nd HDMI output can be assigned to send a different source into a second room. Alternatively there are selectable Zone 2 speaker outputs or RCA pre-outs allowing you to listen to any audio source in Zone 2. Zone 2 can be controlled by the main remote control or the Cambridge Connect app. For more info on the Zone 2 functionality check out our support page here.


The CXR200 can be set up in a number of different ways. It features height channel processing so when using a 5.1 set-up, the unused 6th and 7th speaker channels can be used instead for overhead ‘height’ effects. 7.1 or 7.2 channel set ups are also available thanks to twin subwoofer outputs or you can use the 6th and 7th speaker channels to bi-amp the front left and right channels or send audio into a second zone 2 room.

Tech Specs
Power output

200 watts RMS per channel, 6 ohms (two channels driven),270 watts RMS per channel, 4 ohms (two channels driven), 170 watts RMS per channel, 8 ohms (two channels driven), 120 watts RMS per channel, 8 ohms (all 7 channels driven)


HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, ARC supported on HDMI 1 output

Audio Inputs

4 x Analogue, Tuner (FM/AM), 7.1 multi-channel analogue direct, 2 x digital co-axial, 4 x optical

Video Inputs

6 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x MHL compatible (HDMI 1.4 - max 1080p)

Main Audio Outputs

7 Amplified Speaker Outputs, L+R preamp outs, 2 x subwoofer outputs

Video Output

2 x HDMI 2.0, ARC through HDMI 1, Zone 2 through HDMI 2

Other connections

1 x 1/4” / 6.35mm Headphone Output (32 To 600 ohms recommended), IR emitter input, IR receiver input, 3 x IR outputs, 3 x 12V trigger outputs, 1 RS232C, 1 IEC type mains inlet, Wi-Fi module, RJ45 Ethernet, BT100 Bluetooth (not supplied), Spotify Connect

Audio formats (network streaming and USB HDD)

ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, AAC, HE AAC, AAC+, OGG Vorbis (16-24 bit, 11.025-192kHz), DSD (via HDMI)

Max power consumption


Standby power consumption


Dimensions (H x W x D)*

165 x 430 x 420mm (6.5 x 16.9 x 16.5’’)


15.7kg (34.5lbs)

* Maximum including sockets and controls

Executive Style

AU, November 2015

"Connectivity is the name of the game with the CXR200, designed to handle compressed streaming media as easily as it does 4K HDMI signals. Producing up to 120W of power across seven channels, or two channels of stereo at 200W, it will prove an impressive heart of any home cinema system."

HiFiVideo Test Magazine

NL, March 2016

"Al scrollend door mijn muziekverzameling op mijn NAS hoor je de stabiliteit in de weergave. Het laag is solide en gedefinieerd en staat mooi in balans met het midden en hoog. Het geluidsbeeld is rustig en open. De weergave is zacht van karakter en heeft tegelijkertijd toch nog steeds de juiste definitie om diepe details boven water te halen. Uren lang luisteren, levert geen luistermoeheid op. Je bent juist eerder geneigd om nog eens een ander nummer op te zetten."


DE, March 2016

"Der CXR200 von Cambridge Audio bietet eine für diese Preisklasse überragende Tonqualität inklusive phänomenaler Leistungswerte – ein echtes Highlight."


GB, August 2016

"Dieser Receiver bereitet nicht nur Musikfans Spaß!"